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As an instructional designer and developer, I take static content and create dynamic, engaging learning experiences to help businesses meet their goals.

How do I take your content and design a solution to help meet your business goals? I approach each project like it’s a jigsaw puzzle. You have a business vision, like the cover of the puzzle box, and you need all of the pieces to come together.  That's my niche.

Leaning on the ADDIE and SAM models, I weave adult learning theory into each project. I put the pieces together to turn your vision into reality.  

Feel free to connect with me to learn more!

I love doing just about anything outside - from gardening to hiking to collecting shells at the beach. I am a big sports fan. I mainly follow baseball (Go BRAVES!) and college football (WAR EAGLE!). I also enjoy running and triathlons.  My goal is to complete a half marathon in all 48 contiguous states. I enjoy traveling, and my dogs are always ready for an adventure!

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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